• Stephen Biss

Bill C-46 and Ambient Fail Shenanigans

Does the software on your province’s version of approved instrument source code really set 10 mg/100mls as the upper limit for an ambient fail? For years we all thought that 10 mg% was the ambient threshold on the 5000C. Years later the CFS and then the rest of us learned that the limit was actually set by the manufacturer at 19 mg%. We also learned that any ambient alcohol below 6 mg% registered as zero. The bottom 6 mg% was masked by the software because of electrical noise. Ultimately we need testing, disclosure, and freedom of information applications on this subject.

In Ohio there was litigation about whether the limit on the 8000 was 19, 15, or 20 mg% in their software version.

Watch for police officers placing the breath tube hose under the machine during air blanks. This bad practice effectively disabled the ambient fail system.


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