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Learning About Wet-Bath Simulators

I urge all defence lawyers to learn everything they can about wet-bath simulators. They are used for control tests in Ontario, periodic inspections across Canada, and calibration at the factory or authorized service centre.

Here are some issues that are discussed in the Questions section at the Udemy wet-bath simulator course. I urge you to respond to the questions and enter your comments at the Udemy course. Please contact Stephen Biss at 905-273-3322 to set up a mutually agreeable time for an online WizIQ meeting to discuss these issues among a group of defence lawyers and experts and get CPD credit. Please also feel free to search the tags list on this Blog for older blog entries on these subjects.

Simulator Issues list:

R. v. Jackson First Party Simulator Disclosure

Optional use of dry gas system rather than wet-bath on an Intoxilyzer 8000.

Reliability - Ambient Fail System

Reliability - Ambient Conditions

Continuity: CalGuard Feature

Continuity: Outgoing = Incoming Seal

Continuity: Use of an Alphanumeric Seal

Continuity: From the Box in the Cupboard

Continuity: Whiteboard Method

QT Write on Empty Bottle to Send a Message to Subsequent QT

Continuity of the Alcohol Standard

COBRA V Data on Location

COBRA IV Data on Location

Location is Everything when using a Simulator

Appendix E - Location & Anecdotal Notes in Log

Anecdotal Notes in Alcohol Standard Log

Chips & Cracks in the Jar

Calibration Check Apparatus on Inspection of Simulator

Calibration v. Calibration Checks

Study the Block Diagram for the Simulator Model

Know the Simulator Probes

COBRA May Reveal RS232 Interface

COBRA of Low Cal Check Sequences

Are police officers tempted to record 34.00?

The Perfect Simulator: Are temperatures always too good to be real at a particular police service detachment?

COBRA data disclosure: ALWAYS 34.00?

Do simulator temperatures always read 34.00 C?

Which thermometer do you mean?

Can you read the thermometer?

Tubing as Short as Possible

Certificate of Calibration of Thermometer

Contraction Chamber Separation

Upper Bulb Mercury Separation

Digital v. Mercury

How many thermometers?

RS232 Interface between 8000C & Guth 2100

Learn Henry's Law in Science

Local Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Verification of Digital Thermometer

34.00 +/- .05 C is manufacturer's spec

A #duisimulator is "accessory equipment" according to the ATC Best Practices p. 11.

Purchase the Guth 2100 Operational Manual

How Many Simulators at the Detachment and What Are They Used For?

Always ask for the serial number of the wet-bath simulator used by the QT for your client's subject tests

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