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How to Fight a DUI

Defending a DUI can be very challenging. A lawyer will have to work very hard to get an acquittal.

I am frequently asked by other defence lawyers to help them with ideas on how to fight their clients' DUI charges. Fighting a DUI may be difficult for a young lawyer because the law is voluminous and the science and technology are pretty complex. For many years I have been acting as "counsel" for other lawyers: they continue to defend the client at whatever agreed upon retainer and I help them with reviewing disclosure, videos, and expert reports. I do this only with the consent of the client and the other lawyer. I don't give second opinions without obtaining the consent of the other lawyer. I help young lawyers and I help very experienced lawyers.

I also teach continuing education programs for Canadian defence lawyers. I have lectured at conferences in the United States. The bottom line is that defence lawyers need all the help they can get.

This week for example I will be teaching an online class on "How to Analyze a Breath room Video for Operator Error and Instrument Malfunction". I did a similar online tutorial for new lawyers on the same topic on August 17, 2016. I'm getting a lot of requests for video replays of that live class and I think the same thing will happen after this week's class on September 15, 2016.

I also offer online courses, for defences lawyers, only, online. The video above describes my most basic online course. If you (a defence lawyer) or one of your defence colleagues would like to take the "How Do I Fight a DUI Charge?" online course please phone me at 905-273-3322 to inquire about discount coupons.

I also offer Intermediate level courses on:

Intoxilyzer sequences,

How to Distinguish R. v. Jackson, and

Introduction to COBRA data analysis.

Wet-bath Simulators, and

Relevance of COBRA data.

Members of the Public can learn more about "Can I Fight My Drunk Driving Charge?" by reading the pages and watching videos at my web site at

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