• Stephen Biss

Flooded Sample Chamber 6

My Intoxilyzer 66 series instrument with the flooded sample chamber has passed a Diagnostics test. The Processor appears to be stable. The 2013 CFS 8000C Training Aid at pages 80-81 of 238 states that such a diagnostic is a Quality Assurance Test that tells the operator that the instrument is "in proper working order":

"The Diagnostics check is a self-limiting evaluation of the functionality of the Intoxilyzer(R) 8000C."

"A successful Diagnostics check provides evidence to the breath technician that the instrument is operating properly."

"Nine different parameters are evaluated and each must successfully pass in order to operate the instrument."

But what is the context? Is this one "Pass" among many "Fails" or one "Pass" among hundreds of other "Passes":

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