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Flooded Sample Chamber 5

I am continuing a purge of the sample chamber with the pump running continuously attached to the power jack for the fan. The maintenance manual tells me to do this for 48 hours to completely dry out the sample chamber following removal of the liquid. I stopped it overnight and then started it again this morning.

Although the instrument has had its guts re-arranged, once the system warmed up this morning, the display showed that it was running its start-up diagnostics and it indicated "Diagnostics OK". The display now shows that it is in the Ready loop. I was able to correct the date.

One of my blog readers last night sent me an e-mail that said "RIP, 5000C". But maybe this 5000 won't rest in peace. Maybe it will work again and pass the ATC and CFS tests for perfect working order.

Please note that this is the same instrument that came back from the dead once before. When I first purchased it many years ago I named it "RAM Check 2" because it used to freeze during start-up and and stand-alone diagnostics until I hit it, shook it, and twisted various connections. You can view a number of RAM Check 2 videos at my YouTube channel "BISSS2002". Here are a couple of examples:

Crash on Start-up followed by "Diagnostics OK"

Crash on Stand-alone Diagnostic followed by "Diagnostics OK" and Test Record "Diagnostics "Passed"

Please note that these videos and blog entries are NOT evidence. They cannot be used in Court. Your lawyer will need to retain an expert scientist.

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