• Stephen Biss

Flooded Sample Chamber 4

Today I had trouble starting the instrument. A Processor Error 4 was generated. I watched the DVM variability and then after a few minutes it seemed to stabilize around 237. A restart got the desired result and the instrument then produced a good stand-alone diagnostics test card. Amazing - a "passed" diagnostic on a machine that is in such bad shape. Notice in the video how much the DVM is bouncing. Imagine if when zero was set on your client's breath test the DVM was low and then your client was tested when the DVM was running high plus their actual BAC. A stable DVM is essential to accuracy, precision, and reliability.

Notice that the test card below indicates a "Pass" notwithstanding the bouncing DVM and even though the date is ridiculous.

Then things got much worse. The DVM disappeared completely - 000. It was time for major surgery. There must be alcohol or crud still in the cell.

I've now decided to take the instrument apart to see if I can dry out the sample chamber completely. I looked up "flooded sample chamber" in an old CMI - the manufacturer's manual. I took the cover off. I disconnected the fan. I connected the pump power cord to the fan outlet. When I turn on power to the instrument the pump runs continuously. You then tilt the instrument in a funny way (to the lefty and forward) and hope all remaining liquid pushes out at the back. None did. Maybe it's just damp crud inside. I'm supposed to try a continuous purge for 48 hours. That's my next approach.

Quaere: Can this instrument be brought back from the dead eventually? Or is it toast?

Please note that these videos and blog entries are NOT evidence. They cannot be used in Court. Your lawyer will need to retain an expert scientist.

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