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Reliability: Example 5000EN in 2015

This is the same 5000EN depicted in the previous blog entry of June 2, 2015 which contained videos from 2014. The following test cards and video, from June 1, 2015, depict a normal subject test, normal stand-alone cal. checks, and normal stand-alone diagnostics checks.

This instrument has not been serviced or maintained since the 2014 videos or since it was purchased "used" several years ago. It should be noted that this instrument took about 5 hours and between ten and twenty attempts (pressing the Green button after fails) on June 1, 2015 to successsfully complete the startup diagnostics. These failed startup attemps and diagnostic failures do not produce test record cards and are not stored in COBRA. However, everything that you will see on this page indicates a normally functioning instrument. All the tests that produce cards show "pass".

You be the judge. Is this instrument reliable? Do you need to know about the

the difficulties starting the instrument earlier in the day on June 1, 2015 to make a decision about reliability? Or can you rely upon these printouts alone? Do you need to know about the difficulties experienced in 2014 and the lack of maintenance in-between to make a decision about reliability?

Stand-alone diagnostic #1

new doc 24_1.jpg

Stand-alone diagnostic #2

new doc 23_1.jpg

Video of two Passed Stand-alone Diagnostics on June 1, 2015

5 good Stand-alone cal. checks on June 1, 2015 (using two digits rather than three), 100 (.10) target

new doc 25_1a.jpg

Video of 5 good stand-alone cal. checks June 1, 2015

Normal ACABA subject test on June 1, 2015, subject has no BAC:

new doc 26_1a.jpg

Video of normal ACABA subject test starting at 16:05 with good cal. check

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