• Stephen Biss

Reliability: Ambient Fail Disabled

Tip 45: Why is there no "ambient fail" exception message during this ACA stand-alone cal check sequence? Why does the cal check appear uneventful and normal (close to target 45 mg/100 mls), even though there are adverse ambient conditions? Why is zero not being adjusted by the elevated ethyl alcohol conditions near the instrument such that the indicated result is reduced by the ambient level of alcohol?

This instrument appears to be functioning as designed by the manufacturer. However, the operator has masked the adverse ambient condition such that the instrument is not functioning in such a way as to either flag "ambient fail" and terminate or, alternatively, produce a reliable cal check / reliable subject test. It is respectfully submitted that this activity by the operator is operator error that induces an otherwise properly functioning instrument to not function as intended by the manufacturer, the ATC evaluation (if this was an 8000C rather than an 8000), or the Minister's approval as "approved instrument" (if this was an 8000C rather than an 8000).

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