• Stephen Biss

Can You Read the Thermometer?

Tip 16: Can you read the Guth 2100 digital display or the NIST mercury thermometer from the position the QT normally occupies in front of the 8000C?

Unless the QT stands up and walks to the 8000C, leans over the 8000C, and looks from the top down, it is very difficult to read the digital display. Unless the QT, disconnects the tubing and moves the 2100 to face forward, it is extremely difficult to read the NIST mercury thermometer. The only display that is easy to read is the RS232 display on the 8000C. Yet the CFS requires (p. 97 of 238 Training Aid 2013) that, if the RS232 is used, the QT "review the temperature as communicated and accept or over-write." That recommendation makes no sense unless the QT is able to compare the RS232 temperature against other information, i.e. the 2100 digital display or the NIST mercury thermometer.

What temperature is displayed on this Guth 2100? Enlarge this image and "Add a Comment" below.

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