• Stephen Biss

RS232 Interface between 8000C & Guth 2100

Tip 9: Find out if police are using an RS232 interface between the Intoxilyzer 8000C and #duisimulator Guth 2100. Do police in your jurisdiction use a cable that transfers temperature data from the simulator to the 8000C? OPP is moving in this direction. Instead of reading the simulator temperature from the digital display on the wet-bath simulator, the QT reads the simulator temperature on the 8000C display and accepts it or corrects it. See 8000C 2009-2011 Training Aid page 7-20 step 3 or 2013 Training Aid page 97 of 238 step 3. Note the difference in protocol between using the simulator digital display v. using the RS232 interface. Use FOI, O'Connor, cross-examination, and COBRA data to find out.

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