• Stephen Biss

Online Course on Use of Wet-bath Simulators in Canada

This Intermediate level course is designed for criminal law defence lawyers in Canada who wish to improve their cross-examination skills in "over 80" cases. Every time police use an approved instrument to test a subject's breath they must also use an alcohol standard. In Ontario and most of Canada, a wet-bath simulator is used to maintain the temperature of the alcohol standard at 34.0 ±.2° C.. In some western provinces a dry gas alcohol standard is used. This course examines the proper operation of both systems. Reliability of the alcohol standard system is essential to reliability of the Intoxilyzer® 8000C or other approved instrument. This is a fruitful area for defence cross-examination.

The course is "DUI Defence in Canada: use of wet-bath alcohol standard".

A basic course entitled "How Do I Fight a DUI charge? Attorneys and Lawyers in Canada" is also available. For more information about either of these courses contact

The course contains a number of video lectures and quizzes. Evidentiary breath testing reliability depends on the identity, continuity, and reliability of the alcohol standard kept at a constant 34.0 C. by the wet-bath simulator. Calibration of wet-bath simulator systems (as many as 4 in any simulator), at regular service intervals, is required if the simulator systems are to continue to operate in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications.


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