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What is a lawyer-scientist? Video 0006

Start by moving the slider and watching the end of this video at 2:25. This old Intoxilyzer® 5000 has just printed an Intoxilyzer® Test Record of a Stand-alone Diagnostic.

Perhaps the difference between a DUI lawyer and a DUI lawyer-scientist is that the lawyer-scientist strives to understand and investigate the science behind the forensic evidence of measurement of blood alcohol concentration.

I am not an expert. I am an advocate. I am not a scientist, but I am a lawyer who asks scientific questions of the police and of government experts when I believe scientific method is being violated. Perhaps I aspire to be a DUI lawyer-scientist. I hope an exploration of scientific method makes me a better advocate.

Go back to the beginning of this video. Any breath measurement by police is a scientific measurement using a measurement instrument that has some degree of uncertainty. .

As Justin McShane, a colleague in Pennsylvania, has said, "Science and law must win out in the courtroom not hysteria." Scientific method must be at the root of drunk driving charges, defence, trials, acquittals, and convictions. I strongly recommend Justin McShane's blog on the Justin Bieber DUI charges. In his thorough blog article he explores the law and science of DUI charges.

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