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What is a DUI lawyer-scientist? Prequel 0005

Before you watch this video be sure to review my January 28 blog. In the other video 0006 at 2:25 the instrument prints an Test Record that says "Diagnostics OK".

In this video you can watch a prequel to the 0006 video. The instrument is re-started after a previous crash. The instrument warms up and then begins its automatic diagnostic check. That Diagnostic passes but no Test Record is produced.

You may want to watch this video at the YouTube site for more infomation.

The Supreme Court of Canada in a case called R. v. St. Onge-Lamoureux has made the following clear:

paragraph 3

"Parliament was justified in requiring that any evidence adduced to cast doubt on the test results be directed at the functioning or operation of the instrument. However, where such evidence casts doubt on the reliability of the results, the imposition of additional conditions does not constitute a reasonable limit on the right to be presumed innocent."

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